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Guidebook: Danish Estate & Inheritance Law

100,00 kr.

A short guide to the Danish Estate and Inheritance Laws.

Prepare for personal estate planning.
Get a quick glimpse of the rules that apply for you in Denmark, either as a married couple or if you are single.

Get answers to your quesions and find out what possibilities you have:

1. What are the rules regarding financial responsibilities and agreements between spouses
2. How do I make (the best) testament for me – what CAN i do.
3. Who inherits my estate? Free and compulsary inheritance. What’s that?
4. When I die, can I protect my spouse if I have children from different relationship?
5. How can I make sure that my mom or friend or nieces and nephews inherit a part of my estate?

And a whole lot more.

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A guide book with information on Danish Estate, Inheritance & Probate Law for Estate Planning

  • Joint & Separate Property; What is it, and what does it mean for you.
  • Prenuptial Agreements; What are they (different types) and how are they established?
  • Danish Inheritance Laws; Who inherits what? Can you testate your estate or parts of it to whom ever you want?
  • The Effect of Prenuptial Agreements and Inheritance
  • Deferred Probate; What is deferred probate, what are the conditions and how does it effect your heirs and the longest-living spouse?
  • How to make a Last Will & Testament; Rules for making a Danish will and making sure that it sees the light of day, when you no longer can.
  • Inheritance Taxes; Who and how much do you pay in inheritance taxes?

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